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the resonance just dies away
hallo lj, kiri's home again 
21 Mar 2011
♕ єтєяηαℓ мαgαтѕυ мαη∂αℓα
The last time I made an LJ, (and god, that seems like such a long time ago, but my last post on that old journal was really only a year or so ago) I forgot the reason why I had made the LJ in the first place, and that was, in general, to just say whatever the hell I wanted to say without fear of reproach from anyone. I lost sight of this goal after discovering friending memes, and found that most of the people in my friends list weren't really my friends at all. Granted, I did meet a lot of excellent people on LJ, so I'm going to try this again - and believe you me, I'm super excited to be back.

In my absence, I had made a journal over at Dreamwidth, right around the time last year (Octoberish?) when everyone was in a huff at LJ for ... some reason I can barely remember. Whatever happened down on LJ didn't really affect me personally, but I used it as an excuse to leave (granted, I had stopped posting long before the event happened anyway...) and fled to DW, just like everyone else. People might wonder: why the hell would anyone leave LJ for DW, and then come back to LJ? It's something I've pondered over for quite some time, so let's get this out of the way.
To anyone who looks at Dreamwidth for the first time, one might be filled with optimism. Here's a site that has no advertisements (yes, even if you have a free account, there are no ads to be found on the website) and works and functions just like LJ! There are absolutely no spammers or trolls over on DW, mainly because of the invite/code system they use, to make sure that real people are making accounts, and not spammers. It's a peaceful community that is very close-knit, due to events like "3 Weeks for DW" where members post on their journals for three weeks straight - and communities like "Follow Friday" where members post lists of communities that they've recently joined, or think people should follow. There are even a ton of writing communities to join! How can this place not be the best thing ever?!
All those pretty writing communities? Yeah, they mainly act as "prompting" communities. The writers in the communities never offer any feedback to each other's writing - which makes me wonder, why bother posting them at all? It's not being an attention whore to ask for feedback, in fact, it's good practice for writers to read the other work of writers - and hell, it's just fun to share stories! But it's no fun if people don't interact with each other. I swear, I've never seen writing communities like these before... They just, post their pieces and leave! It's so bizarre. For some, I guess posting up your work in leaving is as satisfying as anything else, but me? I can't do that - that's one reason why I left deviantART. Putting your work up in public where anyone can read it but won't even comment on it is like leaving your baby on someone's doorstep and running away, hoping it will be taken care of. It's just not kosher with me.
Also - and I never thought I'd miss this until I left LJ - but DW has little love for obscure or new fandoms ... They have a lot of communities where you can post fanfiction (which give more feedback than regular writing communities, but not by much) but, say if I wanted to discuss the latest episode of Level E, or Fairy Tail, or talk about the Utena movie (which I just finished a month ago... it was so confusing, I could've used a bit of an explanation....!), there'd be nowhere to do it. Last year, while I was watching Durarara!! and Angel Beats!, a part of why those anime will always stay with me is because of the discussions I had on LJ about them - which proves that, yeah, in moderation, fandom can be a fuckin' awesome thing! (And I'm just starting to realize that I'm more of an anime nerd than I would like to admit. I just did a search for all of the anime I'm watching right now, and whaddya know - comms for all of them! You won't find that on DW. 

It's not the site's fault or anything - it's brand new, and it'll probably evolve into something great, but I'm not patient enough to wait for the revolution.

I'm not saying that DW is totally bad - it's just definitely not for me. If I'm going to blog in a public blogging site (and I've always believed in having an open blog... well, it's a recent belief I've had) then it might as well be somewhere that I can connect with other people. I've grown up a little (I think) since I first started blogging on LJ - and I do intend to blog every day, or at least try to - so everyone best prepare themselves, 'cause Kiri's back, baby! 
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